Is this the ultimate buy the dip indicator?

This indicator can help you find great buy the dip stocks

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A subscriber sent us an interesting question last week.

He wanted to find companies that have moved up a LOT over six months but where the price has corrected.


A short term 12-1m momentum indicator

He was basically looking for a shorter term indicator compared to the 12-1 month momentum or Price Index 12m Minus 1m as we call it in the screener.

As a quick reminder Price Index 12m Minus 1m is calculated as the Stock price 1 month ago / Stock price 12 months ago. It ignores the price change over the past month.

As we didn't have it, I spoke to our data specialist, and he had a great suggestion.


The ultimate buy the dip indicator

He suggested that the customer set up the following screen:

  • First, select the 30% of companies with the best six months price momentum. In other words, the 20% of companies that went up the most in price over the past six months.
  • Second, from this group, select the 20% of companies with the worst one-month momentum. In other words, companies that have fallen in price the most in the past month.


It makes intuitive sense

I'm sure you'll agree that it makes intuitive sense.

The companies that have gone up the most in the past six months are bound to correct. And if they are going to go up further (as a buy the dip strategy assumes) buying them after a bad month is a great time to get in.


This is what the screen looks like

In case you were wondering this is what the screen looks like:



I also thought of a different way of how you can screen for this

You may remember that we also have a 90 day adjusted slope indicator which lets you find companies with a smooth upwardly sloping stock price over the past 90 days.

It removes companies that have a jump in price. For example, because of a takeover offer or a positive profit announcement.

As suggested above you can screen for the 30% best adjusted slope 90-day companies and then from this list select the companies with the worst performance in the past month.


This is what the screen looks like:


If you are looking for companies with a longer term smoothly upward sloping stock price you can of course use the adjusted slope 125/250 day indicator the same way as above.


This is what this screen would look like:


I'm not a buy the dip investor

I am not a buy the dip investor, you know I prefer undervalued companies with the upward moving stock price (like the ones we recommend in the newsletter) but that doesn't mean that you can't make a lot of money with a buy the dip strategy.


Remember to manage your risk

As you know limiting your losses through position sizing as well as a hard rule on when you will get out helps you take care of the downside and let your profits take care of themselves.

Make sure you have these in place to make your investing successful.


Your, helping you buy the dip analyst


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