Three ways to increase your investment returns

Value Investing Screeners


Screen more than 22 000 companies listed on all the major stock markets worldwide with our unique 4 funnel tool for investment ideas that fit your investment strategy (value, growth, momentum). Or use one of the best investment strategies we have researched and back tested. You can also back test your investment strategy.

Value Investing Newsletters


The Quαnt Value newsletter applies the 80/20, or really the 90/10 principle to investing. It let's you to get 90% of investment returns while spending only 10% of the time you would normally need to. The newsletter does this with a 15 year market beating track record.

Value Investing Investment Funds

Best Deal

Our Best Deal gives you the best of both worlds; full access to the screener as well as all issues of the newsletter at a substantial discount. To make this offer even more attractive to you it includes the 49 page Research report "What Works on European Markets: The best Performing Investment Strategies" and 26 page eBook: "Automate Your Investment Life".



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