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About Tim

Tim du Toit is an experienced Fund Manager, Analyst, Investor, and Investment Coach with over 37 years of investing experience. As the founder of www.Quant-Investing.com Tim's quant strategies have helped countless investors significantly increase their investment returns.

In addition to his impressive professional background, Tim's personal journey from South Africa to Europe and his experiences navigating the world of finance are testament to his resilience, determination, and intellect.


Unique Expertise

Tim's deep understanding of quantitative investing is rooted in his philosophy of "making complex strategies simple".

His knack for distilling complicated financial theories into easy-to-understand insights has helped many gain the confidence and knowledge to manage their own investments.

As a coach, Tim offers individualized guidance to investors, helping them make superior investment decisions using quant strategies.

As an analyst, Tim is the author of two investment newsletters. One has a 13 year track record of an average return of +21.8% over 546 recommended investment ideas (As of December 2023).

Talking Points

Tim can provide intriguing, data-driven insights on a range of topics, including:

  1. Quant strategies for superior investment returns: Exploring the role of quantitative analysis in increasing investment returns.
  2. Investing for the long haul: Discussing the importance of long-term strategies in investing and why patience and risk management is a virtue.
  3. Simplifying complex strategies: Ways to break down complex financial theories into digestible insights for the novice investor.
  4. Journey through the world of finance: His personal story of resilience and determination, navigating his way from South Africa to Europe.
  5. Value investing worldwide.


Value Proposition

Tim's ability to simplify complex strategies, his personal story, and his proven record assisting investors to significantly increase their returns make him an excellent podcast guest.

His insights are not only educational and entertaining, but they also add genuine value to the listeners' investment journeys.

His methods have been proven to help investors understand the complex world of quant investing, empowering them to make better, more profitable investment decisions.

Tim du Toit



For more information or to book Tim for your podcast, please reach out to: [email protected]


Let's explore the fascinating world of investing with Tim du Toit, helping your audience navigate the finance industry with ease, and potentially boost their investment returns.

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