Kristof’s Secret: How I Overcame Investing Mistakes

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After asking for ways to improve the newsletter I received the two emails from long-time subscribers


"I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks for the incredible work you've been doing with the Quant Value investment newsletter.
Over the past week, I took some time to reflect and analyse my investment journey over the last decade. I was astonished to discover that the exceptional annual return of 19% I achieved was solely through following the guidance provided in your newsletter.
It's truly a remarkable outcome that I never expected when I first subscribed. I'm more than happy for you to share my experience publicly, including my name, if it helps others understand the genuine impact your advice can have on someone's financial future.
Your newsletter has been a pivotal part of my investment success, and for that, I'm profoundly grateful."

Javier, Germany



“I started investing in 2017. The first 3 years were terrible, I made a lot of mistakes and I had too many strategies I wanted to follow. During the corona crisis in 2020, I wanted to start all over with just 2 strategies, one of them was the Quant Value newsletter.
I love stocks with good value, momentum, and quality characteristics, and in my opinion, this is what the newsletter stands for. Since 2022 I only use the Quant Value newsletter to select new stocks and rearrange my portfolio.
So, every month, I try to buy as much stocks as the newsletter recommends, and I sell the ones who don’t make the criteria anymore.
Since the time I use the newsletter, my stock market return is superb! Last year, I had a profit of 23%, and in 2022, I kept my losses low (much lower than S&P500) due to the trailing stop loss the newsletter suggest.
In summary,  I can’t invest anymore without the newsletter, it’s my bread and butter, my way to invest and expand my wealth.
Tim, and the whole crew, thank you guys a lot!!!
I hope the newsletter will last for many years!”

Kristof (Belgium)



Returns are of course important but helping you get the highest returns you can, while keeping losses low, is my greatest reward.

I knew I have been writing the newsletter for a long time, but I was surprised when we calculated that it has been over 13 years!

Just imagine it 13 years is 162 newsletters and over 550 companies recommended!


Want a test drive first?

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Leveraging the FS-Score: Integrating Advanced Insights into Your Portfolio

In our continued search for adding better ideas to the screener, we recently added the Financial Strength Score (FS-Score).

It is an improvement to the Piotroski F-Score which I am sure you have already read a lot about.

This is not just an addition, it's a significant refinement aimed at improving your stock selection.

The FS-Score was developed by the great guys at Alpha Architect, and helps you dive deeper into quickly assessing a stock's current profitability, stability, and recent operational improvements.

It does so through ten carefully chosen ratios, enhancing its predecessor's nine, to offer you an 80/20 shortcut for identifying the financially most stable stocks.

Stocks that rank high on the FS-Score have demonstrated not just exceptional returns but also stability, outperforming their peers and the broader market by a considerable margin.

This isn't about just adding another ratio or chasing the next big thing, it's about informed, intelligent investing. It empowers you to make investment decisions using a financial health snapshot to select better quality companies, and screen out bad quality.

To dive deeper into the methodology behind the FS-Score and how it can improve your investment decisions click here: FS-Score: For Precision in Stock Selection



Quant Value newsletter update

Performance last week was mixed with the following highlights:

  • Nordic Paper Holding AB +16% after putting the company up for sale
  • Fast Fitness Japan Incorporated +15% after announcing an interesting acquisition
  • Sogefi S.p.A.+9% after a 95% jump in profits


Surprisingly companies world-wide did well not just in Japan as was the case over the past few months.

Subscribers are sitting on the following solid gains:

  • North America             +57%
  • Europe                        +23%
  • Asia                            +20%
  • Crash portfolio (2022)   +54%


If these ideas sound interesting, you can get more information here: Your Treasure Map to Europe, Asia, and North America's Hidden Gems!


Shareholder Yield Letter update

Since May when we started the 40 ideas have already paid an average dividend of 1.6% and am sitting on an average return of 9.2% after the pull back in the markets last week.

Dividends keep in rolling in and will be increasing soon as yearly dividend paying companies start paying soon. This makes it a great portfolio if you are looking for income ideas.

As things stand today the portfolio has an average historical dividend yield of 4.6% and  bought back 4.0% of their stock last year. This gives you an average Shareholder Yield of 8.6%!

If this sounds like the kind of companies, you would like to invest in you can find more information here: Invest big, win bigger with our market beating large-cap strategy!


What podcasts do you listen to?

As mentioned, the past few weeks…

I’m curious, what podcasts do you listen to? Email me with your favourites…

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Just email me with your ideas and here's my podcast guest page.



Your, analyst wishing you profitable investing


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