Discovering the Unconventional: Creative Strategies for Stock Screening

Ready to fine-tune your investment research? Dive into the world of creative stock screening and uncover unique opportunities.

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Specific type of company search

Consider this request from one of our subscribers:

They are on the hunt for companies still primarily owned by their founders or insiders. Their focus was on self-funded firms with minimal external financing or debt.

Their current process relied heavily on tips from friends and brokers, and they were eager to find a more systematic approach for identifying potential research candidates.


As you've likely realized, these criteria aren't easily screened using strict accounting ratios like debt-to-equity for example.

However, there are a few clever ways to pinpoint companies that fit the bill.

Here's what we recommended:

We suggested the customer create a custom screen based on their criteria using the following ratios:

MV Size Ratio: This allows you to search for companies of any market value. Learn more

External Finance Ratio: Ideal for finding companies growing without external funding. Learn more

1-Year Sales Growth (or 5-Year Sales Growth): Use this to identify fast-growing companies. Learn more

Buyback % Ratio: To identify firms not continuously issuing stock for growth. You can even set it to 0% or negative for those buying back shares. Learn more

Liquidity Qi Indicator: This helps find companies with a stable base of large shareholders, such as founders or family holdings. Learn more


Start here and fine tune

You might need to fine-tune the sliders to fit your specific needs. Feel free to experiment until you find your perfect match.

The beauty of this approach lies in its creativity. There are a lot of inventive ways to leverage the 110 ratios and indicators available in our Screener to precisely identify the companies you're seeking.


All the ratios are here

Don't forget that our glossary page offers detailed information on all these ratios and indicators, including tips on utilizing them effectively in the Screener.


Need assistance or have questions? We're just an email away. Click on the "Need Help" button on all pages of our website and give us a brief description of the type of company you're looking for. We strive to answer all emails within a few hours.


Let's make your company search smarter and more efficient.


Quant Value newsletter update

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Europe is also struggling but all ideas are up an average of 7.5%


Asia, especially Japan is just unstoppable with 24 current ideas up an average of 27.4%


The 10 ideas left in the 2022 crash portfolio continues to do well and is up an average of 30.4%


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Shareholder Yield Letter update

Since May when we started the 20 ideas have already paid an average dividend of 0.8% and am sitting on an average return of 3.9% after the pull back in the markets last week.

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