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Quant Investing provides its subscribers (investors like you) with ideas to increase their investment returns.

We do this through our investment screener and newsletter services.


Tim_250x346The founder of Quant Investing is Tim du Toit (MBA - Finance Indiana University).

Learn from his mistakes

When Tim started investing in 1987 he made nearly every investment mistake you can think of until he realised that investing was not a recent human activity and that there must be a lot of good research and books about what has worked.

Not in the short term but over long periods of time in up and down markets.

Since then he has done exactly that. Reading and studying every article, research paper and book he could find to help him improve his investment performance.

Something he still does, and that is where you can benefit, to not make the mistakes Tim has made and to benefit from his continuous research.

Tim also did not try to learn all about investment on his own. Before starting Quant Investing he spent more than 16 years working in banking and fund management in South Africa and Germany.


Could not find a screener he liked

After a lot of searching Tim could not find an investment screener that met his needs in terms of the number of companies, ratios and indicators to invest his own money so he decided to develop one and Quant Investing was born.


Your advantage

The screener's main advantage is that Tim tests new ratios, indicators and investment strategies all the time based on new books and research papers. He writes about new ideas here: Quant Investing blog

Another advantage of the screener is its four filter system that allows you to easily select up to four ratios or indicators, and then use a slider to choose the range of companies you want to include.

This saves you time and makes screening the 22,000 companies included in the screener very easy.

Find out more about the screener by clicking on the following link: Quant Investing screener


This newsletter save you time and increases your returns

The aim of the Quαnt Investing newsletter is to apply the 80/20, or really the 90/10 principle to investing as it incorporates all our research and best ideas in summarised form.

It allows you to capture 90% of investment returns while spending only 10% of the time you would normally need to. The newsletter does this with a 15 year market beating track record.

Find out more about the newsletter by clicking on the following link: Quαnt Investing newsletter


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