How I stopped my bank exploiting me and how you can do it as well

How to increase your interest income 4.5 times

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You may remember at the end of May I told you how my bank was exploiting me! Paying me basically no interest despite rated increasing SUBSTANTIALLY!

This week you can read how I increased my interest income at least 4.5 times, and how you can do it as well.

I went from earning no interest on one account and 0.75% per year in the other to earning an average of 3.5% per year. I know these amounts are not going to make me retire in six months but it’s over 4.5 times more interest.


The real reason I write you these emails

Before I tell you exactly what I did, here is the REAL reason I write you these emails:

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Thomas, Germany


Thanks Thomas!


This great testimonial makes all the time I spend reading, researching, and writing worthwhile.

As you know my sole aim with Quant Investing is to share my investment experience and help you to increase your returns along with mine. I use all the tools and strategies I write to you about.


Why I started the screening service

That's the reason why I started the Screener.

When I left my banking job after 16 years, I was looking for a screener to invest my own money and could not find one that met all my requirements, so I set out to build one. The newsletter was added later as subscribers asked about investment ideas.

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How I got rid of my bank and started earning interest

Back to how I got rid of my bank and started earning interest again.

As I needed a place to park cash before it is invested, it had to be a solution where:

  • Buying and selling costs were low and
  • It was easy to get in and out
  • Fund management fees were low, 0.1% in the funds below


Ended with two alternatives

All my searching led to two alternatives.

Option #1 was an ultra-short ETF bond fund.

This means a fund that buys bonds shortly before they mature (even long-term bonds) but because the fund only buys them six months to a year before they are repaid it does not have interest rate risk. This means when interest rates change the price of the bond may change substantially.

Option #2 was an ETF that duplicates the interest rate that banks lend to each other overnight.

Both have about the same interest rate.

The main difference is that the ultra-short bond fund has price risk. For example, in the financial crisis and the COVID crash the price of the fund fell as the price of the underlying bonds dropped.

This does not happen to an ETF that duplicates interbank interest rates.


Pay-out or accumulation

Another thing to think of. Should you buy a bond where the interest is added to the bond, in other words capitalised. Or invest in a fund where the interest is paid out on a regular basis.

The tax system here in Germany makes these two alternatives the same. If the interest is capitalised, I pay tax on it even though I haven't received anything. If the interest is paid out it is taxed as interest income.

I decided to buy the bonds that pay interest so that I can then decide what I want to do with the money.

Also, if the interest is paid out the tax situation is clear whereas if the interest is capitalised and the ETF does not report it you have to calculate the interest you received and declare that in your tax return.

I just thought it would be easier if I received the interest then it can be no question as to how much and what should be taxed.


Here are the two examples – This is NOT advice

Here are the two examples that I bought.

Please note that this is not individual investment advice. PLEASE do your own research to find out if they are right for you. It is just an example of what I did to help you in your process.

The ultra short bond ETF I bought was: iShares € Ultrashort Bond UCITS ETF

The European short term interbank swap rate fund I bought was: EUR Overnight Rate Swap UCITS ETF


I hope this gives you some idea of what you can do with your cash.

These are two examples of European funds in Euro, I am sure you can find similar funds in your home currency.


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Shareholder Yield Letter update

All the ideas are new as the first ideas were added in May this year. So far, all 12 ideas are up an average of +2% with HP Inc. the top performer up 14.4%.



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