Shareholder Yield Letter launched

This newsletter gives you ideas based on the best large cop investment strategy we found
17/05/2023 | Newsletter , Shareholder-Yield

You may remember a few months ago I wrote to you about a new newsletter we are planning based on the best large company investment strategy we ever tested.

Well, here is your first issue – we are sending it to you free of charge so you can evaluate it and subscribe once you are convinced it is something that can increase your returns.

First a bit of history…


What you can expect from the Shareholder Yield Letter

I want to mention again what our aim with the newsletter is.

We want to give you great returns while taking up as little of your time as possible.

That is why we chose the Shareholder Yield investment strategy and applied it to the Market Leaders investment universe. It recommends large companies, easy to buy, and it has a great track record of market beating returns.

Each month we give you just the information you need so will not bore you with long editorials.


How we select ideas for the newsletter

Because a lot of readers asked, we wrote an article to show you exactly how we select the ideas for the newsletter. Click the link below to go to the article:

How we find ideas for the Shareholder Yield investment newsletter


Here is your first newsletter

In this issue you can read how this newsletter can help you get higher returns.

But first the portfolio changes.



Portfolio Changes

Buy Three

Three new recommendations this month as the MSCI World index is above its 200-day simple moving average.

The first is a US-based IT storage and peripherals company with a shareholder yield of 12.8%, share buybacks of 9.3%, and pays a dividend yield of 3.5%.

The second is a US-based oil exploration and production company with a shareholder yield of 15.5%, share buybacks of 13.8%, and pays a dividend yield of 1.7%.

The third is an Australia-based company engaged in the production of coal with a shareholder yield of 21.2%, share buybacks of 10.8%, and pays a dividend yield of 10.4%.


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