How to research a company using the Quant Investing screener

This article shows you how to research a company found using the Quant Investing screener.

You will find companies you have never heard of

When running a screen or filter you will definitely find companies you have never seen or heard of before. By clicking on the company name you can quickly find a lot more information on the company.

This is how it works.

If you look at the results of any Filter you will see the company’s name is shown in blue – this is because it is a hyperlink you can click on to get more information on the company.

Just click on the company’s name.


This will open the company information page.


This is what the company information pages shows

The page shows you a lot of company specific ratios and indicators. This gives you an overview of:

  • Description - what the company does,
  • Valuation,
  • Momentum,
  • Quality and
  • Growth.


If you scroll down the Ranking section shows you where the company is ranked compared to all the other companies found with the filter.

The company’s ratio values are shown in bright red.

You can change the ratios and indicators by clicking on the drop down lists above each chart.


If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see a price chart which you can change using the two sliders shown as 1 and 2 below.


To go to the company’s Yahoo Finance page click on the Yahoo Finance logo.


Note: Not all companies are available on Yahoo Finance, for example Japanese companies.


To go back to the list of all the companies in the screen or Filter click the Back to list buttons at the top and bottom left of the page.



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