What have we done for you recently - 6 new screener features you can use now

These 6 new features helps you get even better investment ideas with the Quant Investing stock screener
10/03/2020 | stock-screener

Your suggestions have been our best source of ideas on how we can make the screener better.

Even if you have not sent us an idea yet (please do) I wanted to let you know how subscribers, just like you, have helped us add new functions to the screener.

Here is a list of things we have recently added:


Sort multiple columns

Sometimes you need more than the four filters to find exactly the companies you want to buy.

To help you we added a feature where you can sort by more than one column. This means you can first sort by the Price to Earnings ratio, and while keeping this sort, sort by Dividend Yield.

To find out exactly how to do this click here: How to sort multiple columns in the Quant Investing stock screener


Back test your investment strategy

A few subscribers struggled to back test their investment strategy. To help you I wrote up a real world back test of the Magic Formula which you can read all about here: How to back test your investment strategy - Real world example


Track your portfolio or watch list

I wanted to make it easy to get updates of how the stocks in my portfolio are valued and how stock prices are developing i.e. momentum.

So we added a feature where you can save a portfolio (as many as you like) and have it emailed to you in Excel format to quickly update all the values in your portfolio.

There is even an Excel template you can download to get you started.

Find out more here: How to track your portfolio with automatic updates of closing prices and ratios


Get new screener ideas emailed to you

This feature saves you time.

It allows you to save a screen and turn on email updates for the screen. This means as soon as a new company meets all the screening criteria it gets emailed to you along with all the ratios and indicators you have chosen.

It is really easy to set up, this is how you do it: How to get your new stock screener ideas and Watch lists by email


Do even more analysis in a spread sheet

Sometimes the four filters and multiple column sorting is not enough to give you exactly the investment ideas you are looking for.

To help you we have improved the screener export function (CSV and Excel format) to help you.

You can read how this function works here: How to export results from the Quant Investing stock screener


Group your screener results

Sometimes you may want to group your screener results. For example, by country, industry sector or Piotroski F-Score value.

You can now do this by simply dragging the column heading. To find out how click here: How to group stock screener results


We hope you find these features helpful.


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