Personal Company Notes Now in the Screener: Add Your Customized Insights 📝

Unveiling the personal company notes feature for all screener subscribers. With this tool, you can now add your own custom notes to any of the 22,000 companies available. Discover how to make your research and alerts more insightful in just a few easy steps.

All screener subscribers can now add their own add their own personal notes on all the 22,000 companies in the screener.


To add a note

To add your personal not to a company:

1. Click on the company name – to find a company - use the magnifying glass icon – or click on a company name that appeared on your screen

Click on the company name to add your personal note


2. Click on the pencil icon in the My notes box - below the company Description.

how to add a note to a company in the screener


Company note example

Here is an example of a note:

Personal screener company note example


To save your company note

To save your note click the Confirm button


Notes work great with alerts

This note function works great with company alerts. This means when an alert is triggered you get notified by email which includes your notes. So no wondering why an alert was triggered or why you added it in the first place.


Click here to start adding NOTES to all your investment ideas or companies in your portfolio NOW! - Click here