Magic Formula back test (2022 update)

Explore the intriguing Magic Formula investment strategy, developed by Joel Greenblatt, and gain insights from our 2022 back-test results. Uncover how this strategy identifies quality companies at undervalued prices through earnings yield and return on invested capital (ROIC). Analyze its returns and adapt it to your investment approach.

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As you know the Magic Formula investment strategy was developed by the great hedge fund manager Joel Greenblatt and described in his excellent book called The Little Book that Still Beats the Market.

It is the book that got me started with quantitative investing in 2006.


What the Magic Formula does for you

The Magic Formula helps you find good quality companies that are trading at an attractive price.

It does this by looking for companies with a high earnings yield (companies that are undervalued) and a high return on invested capital (ROIC) (quality companies).


Magic Formula back test

We looked and summarised all the back tests of the Magic Formula we could find (link to the article is below) but we also update a back test every year and that is what we have updated in the article.


Back test results

Here is a summary of the magic formula backtest results.

As you can see, like all investment strategies, it does not beat the market every year but over time it performs very well!


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Your Magic Formula analyst wishing you profitable investing


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