Upcoming Price Adjustment and a Reflective Journey

Price Adjustment for all products on 15 October 2023
11/09/2023 |

To all subscribers who's been alongside us on this investment journey, I wanted to personally share some updates about our platform.


If you're like me, you've felt the pinch of price increases from various services and products you use in your daily life. Trust me, we feel it too, both personally and for all our service providers.


Price adjustment

Announcement: On 15th October 2023, we'll be introducing a 15% price adjustment for all subscriptions.


It's a decision made after much contemplation, and it is our first increase in 8 years since September 2015. This step ensures that we can maintain the quality you've come to expect and helps us invest in further developments… And we have LOT planned!


Lock in the current price and save 20%

Your Silver Lining (available until Oct 15th):If you're on a monthly plan, you can lock in your current rate and postpone this adjustment for a year by switching to an annual subscription. This not only offers a respite from the increase but gives you an extra 20% savings compared to the monthly rate.

This is very easy to do, here are the steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Cancel your existing subscription at the end of the current subscription period (Screener subscribers won’t lose any saved data or settings)
  3. Sign up for a yearly subscription (You can sign up for the Shareholder Yield Letter here )
  4. Send us a quick email so we can refund you the unused part of your cancelled subscription – Click the Need Help? Button at the bottom right of this page


I understand that any price adjustment, no matter the justification, can be a bit of a shock. Please know that our primary aim remains to ensure the value you get from all our products that consistently exceeds its cost.

The forthcoming changes pave the way for even more beneficial features and an even better user experience.