Tell all Money Masters podcast interview with Tim du Toit

Find out why and how Quant Investing was started, how to find your best investment strategy and what makes this screener different from other stock screeners.
26/11/2018 | videos , Investment-strategy

Listen to the latest Money Masters podcast with Tim du Toit, where he shares his background and how the Quant Investing Screener was born.

You will learn:

  • What the best investment strategy is (spoiler: not the one with the highest returns);
  • Why Quant Investing Screener is different from other screeners and how easy it is to use it with just a few clicks;
  • How to find a strategy you feel comfortable with and how to use the Quant Investing Screener to implement that.


Listen to the full interview here:

Tell all podcast with Tim du Toit


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