Stock search function upgraded – Ticker and ISIN added

Find companies by name, ticket and ISIN
04/01/2023 | Quant-Screener , How-To

You can now use the ticker or ISIN number to find companies in the screener.

A few subscribers were having problems finding certain companies in the screener mainly because of unusual spelling of their names. So, we decided to add stock tickers as well as the ISIN number to the search function in the screener.


Easy to find a company

This makes it very easy to find the company you are looking for, all you have to do is:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon
  2. Start typing the company name or the ticker or the ISIN number
  3. If the company does not appear at once continue typing
  4. Or use the scroll bar to find the company in the short list


Screener upgraded search function ticker and ISIN included


List of companies shows four pieces of information

The list of companies shows:

  1. The full company name
  2. The company ISIN number
  3. The company ticker
  4. The flag of the country where the company is registered


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