Stock buybacks added to the screener

Use Buyback % to find companies with big stock buyback programs

We should have added the Buybacks to the screener.

But as the screener already had Dividend Yield and Shareholder Yield (calculated as Buyback yield + Dividend yield) calculating the Buyback yield was easy to do.

To make it easier for you to directly screen for stock buybacks we have added Buyback % to the screener.


How Buyback % is calculated

It is calculated as (Outstanding shares 12 months ago - Outstanding shares on the latest reporting date) / (Outstanding shares last 12 months ago) x 100.

Buyback % thus shows you what percentage of its stock a company bought back over the trailing 12-month period.

It is shown as a percentage, for example 4.4%


Positive means share count decreased

We calculate Buyback % so that a positive number means the company's shares outstanding decreased. So, the more positive the value the larger the shares outstanding over the period decreased.

A negative Buyback % value means the company was a net issuer (increased shares outstanding) over the trailing 12 months.


How to use the ratio

Available as a screening ratio: Yes

Available as an output column ratio: Yes (Look for it under the Quality heading)


How to select companies with the largest Buyback %?

To find companies with the highest Buyback % set the slider from 0% to 10%.

Remember it is calculated as TTM

All ratios are calculated on a trailing 12 months (TTM) basis.

This means the last twelve months (not the company’s financial year) is compared to the same period in the past.

We do this to make sure that the screener data includes the latest, most up to date, financial results of the company.


How to use buyback yield in your portfolio

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