Insider trading transactions added to the Quant Investing stock screener

Insider trading transactions have been added to the Quant Investing stock screener. Start using it now to help you make even better investment decisions.
09/11/2020 | Insider-trading

We have been planning on adding insider transactions to the Quant Investing stock screener for a while but have only been able to get to it now.

We are still adding to the database but want to make the information available to you already as we are sure it can help you make even better investment decisions.


Available as a spread sheet

Right now, you can download the information in spread sheet form.

We are planning and working on making the information available in the screener but for that we need your help, more on that below.

The insider trading report is generated over the weekend and is updated in the screener every Monday morning at 10:00 Central European Time (CET).

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Where can you find it?

To download your insider data, log in and download the Microsoft Excel file called: InsiderTrading


What information is available

Let us start with the definition of an insider.

Insider transactions included in the database includes all transaction by individuals associated with the company. Not only officers (CEO and CFO) and directors.

This gives you the best data to make informed insider trading investment decisions.

Here is more information on the column headings:

Name – Company name

currency_code - Currency insider transactions were made in

close_price – Closing stock price used to value the insider transactions

insider_trading - Number of shares traded by insiders

insider_trading_value – Value of insider transactions in US Dollars (USD)