Asia Pacific investment ideas added to the Quant Value newsletter

31/05/2017 | Newsletter

Due to the lack of undervalued good quality investment ideas in North America and Europe the Quant Value Newsletter has added the Asia Pacific region to the pool where it looks for investment ideas.


Australia New Zealand Hong Kong Japan Singapore added to newsletter

Widening the search

In June 2017 we widened the search for investment ideas by including the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Singapore


Nearly unbelievably cheap companies

This helped us find and recommend some nearly unbelievably cheap companies in the Quant Value investment newsletter

For example, in May 2017 we recommended an Australian company that was trading at 2.1 times earnings, paying a 6.1% dividend and with an EBIT to enterprise value of 276%. And the company had cash equal to 87% of its market value on its balance sheet

At the same time we recommended a Japanese auto parts supplier trading at 6.1 times earnings, 5.9 times free cash flow with an 52.6% EBIT to enterprise value ratio. 


Up to 6 ideas every month

Adding Asia to the newsletter gives you up to 6 investment ideas per month:

  • 2 in Europe (incl. Switzerland, UK and Scandinavia)
  • 2 in North America – USA and Canada
  • 2 in Asia – Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore


Costs less than a cheap lunch for two

A subscription to the newsletter costs less than a cheap lunch for two, and if you do not like it we give you your money back.

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