Quant Investing affiliate program launched

01/03/2021 |

If you refer a customer, you earn 25% of the selling price for the total life of the customer, this can be over many years.


Earn €74.87 to €115.48 per customer - we do all the work

Current subscription prices vary from monthly €29.70 to yearly €549.70.

For example, if someone you refer subscribes to the lowest price product of €29.70 you earn €74.87 (€29.90-4.74 VAT x 12 x 25%) every year for as many years as he or she remains a subscriber.

If the subscriber buys the most expansive product costing €549.70, you earn €115.48.


How can I start?

Interested? Send us a quick email by clicking on the green Need Help? button at the bottom right of your screen.