Quality high dividend yield companies you can buy now

High dividend yield companies in a low interest rate world

With interest rates around the world at record low levels I thought you would value a few investment ideas of companies with a half decent dividend yield.

As you know not all high dividend yield companies make a good investment, you also have to make sure the company can pay the high dividend in future and that is what this list does.

It gives you a list of quality companies that have an attractive dividend yield.


How the list was put together

Before I get to the list of companies first some information on how the list was selected.

This is what the screen looks like:

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Source: Quant Investing screener

This is what I screened for:

  • Selected all the main markets in Europe, Scandinavia and North America
  • Selected companies with a daily traded volume of at least $125,000 and a market value larger than $65 million (you must be able to easily buy the shares)
  • To ensure only quality companies are selected companies with a low gross profit margin were excluded
  • Also excluded were companies with a Piotroski F-Score of less than 5
  • The 40% of companies with the highest dividend yield were included
  • To make sure the dividend is sustainable I only included companies with a high free cash flow yield and a high dividend cover ratio.

All the above ratios are fully explained on the Glossary page


You can select your own criteria

The above screen is just an example and you can of course set your own criteria when looking for high dividend yield companies.


The first 15 companies

Here is a list of the first 15 companies the screen came up with:


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Source: Quant Investing screener


Quality dividend yield

As you can see the dividends are not extremely high, this is because of the quality factors I have included in the screen.


The next 15 companies


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Source: Quant Investing screener


Please always do your fact checking

As with all screens this is just a list of companies. Please do your own research and fact checking to make sure the company is correctly included in the list.


Your high dividend yield analyst



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