How to increase your returns on average 210.6% (max 363.0%) – Piotroski F-Score

In this short webinar I show you why and how (step by step) one indicator can increase your returns by up to 363% in long term testing we have done.

After this research I made this indicator a permanent factor I use to get investment ideas for my personal portfolio.


What is included?

In the webinar you will learn:

  • What the indicator is
  • How it is calculated – what it tells you about a company
  • How it increased the returns of all 13 strategies we tested it with
  • Exactly how you can implement it in your portfolio (with a few mouse clicks)

 Be sure to watch right to the end as we answered a lot of questions - perhaps also a question you may have.


Here is the presentation

To download the presentation click on the following link: How to increase your returns on average 210 percent


Video of the webinar

Here is the recording of the webinar: