How to group stock screener results

This article shows you how to group the results of the Quant Investing stock screener

Do you know that you can group the results of any screen you run with the Quant Investing stock screener?


You can group results by any of the ratios or indicators in the columns you have selected. This is helpful to see if there are any industry or country concentrations in your screen, for example.

It of course is only helpful to group results if the same value appears a few times, for example with the following factors or ratios:

  • Country
  • Industry
  • Piotroski F-Score
  • Financial Statement Date
  • Qi Value
  • Value Composite One
  • Value Composite Two
  • ERP5
  • Magic Formula (MF Rank)


How to group your results

To group the results simply drag the column heading into the field shown below.

To group results drag the Country heading into the top line as shown by the arrow.

Group screener results


Grouped stock screener results look like this:

Group screener results


You can also group by more than one ratio

You can also group your results by more than one factor. In this example I grouped the results of a screen by Country and Piotroski F-Score:

Group screener results - two columns


 Also works with export to Excel

The grouping you selected can also be exported to Microsoft Excel.

To export the result of your screen click on the Export data to MS Excel icon.

Group screener results Excel export


The export looks like in Microsoft Excel:

Group screener results in Excel


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