How to find your next double- or triple-digit winner - Webinar

This webinar gives you all the best best ideas we have on how to find your next double- or triple-digit winning stock - despite all the uncertainty at the moment.

This webinar gives you all our best ideas on how to find great, double- or triple-digit winning investment ideas now.


How to find investment ideas now

It will definitely help you if you struggling to invest at the moment.

Yes, company profits are down, there is a LOT of uncertainty, and markets are at record high levels.

But this does not mean there are no quality, undervalued companies to be found. I am of course not talking about value traps, zombie companies or companies only sitting on abandoned assets.

I am still finding a LOT of companies that are still profitable, with very little or no debt, with solid free cash flow generation.

To help you find companies just like these is what this webinar is all about.


What you will learn

The webinar will show you:

  • Exactly what ratios to use to screen out bad quality and zombie companies
  • How to adjust for profits that may be lower because of Corona
  • How to avoid value traps
  • How to add the one ratio that our testing has shown can increase your returns substantially


Video of the webinar



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