The Bloomberg alternative: investment screening at a fraction of the price

Dive into the world of quantitative investing with our affordable Bloomberg alternative. Tailored for discerning investors keen on extensive ratios and analytics.

When I left the banking industry in 2012 I lost access to a Bloomberg terminal. As I wanted to continue investing my own money, something I have done since 1987, I had to find a Bloomberg alternative fast. 


But it was difficult to find a screener that met all my needs which were mainly as follows:

  • Companies on developed markets worldwide (from New Zealand to Canada)
  • Large to nano cap companies
  • Lots of valuation ratios (based on profits, book value and cash flow)
  • Lots of quality ratios like ROIC
  • Lots of share price momentum ratios
  • Piotroski F-Score
  • Market value (in different currencies)
  • Average daily traded value (in different currencies)
  • Magic Formula values (Joel Greenblatt’s book got me started with quantitative investing)


A friend and thus I decided to build a screener to invest our own money and the Quant Investing stock screener was born. 

We launched the screener in September 2014 and have improved on it all the time based on our own research and the back tests we do all the time. 


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22,000 Companies and 110 ratios 

At the moment the screener database has over 22,000 companies in 36 countries (all developed markets world-wide) and more than 110 ratios and indicators you can use to find investment ideas

You can see all the ratios and indicators as well as detailed information on all of them in the glossary.


Screener built by investors for investors

The screener is thus not just a product we sell, it’s something we use every day to invest our own money. 

It is a stock screener built by investors for investors.

Because we want to improve our own returns we test and write about new investment strategies and ideas all the time. You can read about this in our blog. You can find the blog here: Quant Investing Blog.

If we find an idea or investment strategy that REALLY works we immediately include all the ratios and indicators you need to implement it in the screener. That is the reason why the screener already has 110 ratios and indicators you can use to find investment ideas. 


The best investment strategies

You can find a summary of all the best investment strategies we have tested here: Best quant investment strategies


High quality up to date data

Because we invest our own money using the screener we make VERY sure that the price and fundamental data is always up to date and is of the highest quality. 

Because of contractual reason we cannot name our data supplier, but what we can say is it’s one of the big data suppliers that large fund managers also use. It is so expensive that very few individual investors can afford it. This is also the reason why we have made the screener available to other investors, because together we can afford such a high quality data source. 


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Keep the price low

Our subscription prices are low and we do our best to keep them low to make it a good investment even if your portfolio is small. That is also how I started more than 30 years ago.

You can find our products and prices here: Quant Investing pricing

I am sure you will agree this is a dirt cheap Bloomberg alternative


If you do not like it you get your money back

We also have a very generous refund policy

You can use any of our products for up to 14 days and get a FULL refund, you do not even have to give us a reason. Even after that you can always get the unused part of your subscription back. No questions asked. 

We treat you exactly how we would like to be treated if we were a customer.


Two powerful investment tools

We offer two products by investors for investors. 


The Screener

If you want to look for your own investment ideas (irrespective of what your investment strategy is) the Quant Investing stock screener is the right product for you. 

You can use it to screen over 22,000 companies worldwide using over 110 ratios and indicators. 


The Newsletter

If you don't want to spend a lot of time but want to follow a market beating, easy to understand, time tested investment strategy the Quant Value investment newsletter is the right product for you.  

Every month we send you to up to six investment ideas of the most undervalued companies in Europe (incl. Switzerland, Scandinavia and the UK), Asia and North America that have the best chance of substantially outperforming the market.

We get these ideas from the best investment strategies we have developed, and back tests we do on a continuous basis.  

All you need to do is to follow the easy to understand instructions in the newsletter (they are all on the first page). This means managing your own very successful portfolio won’t take you more than half an hour per month.


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We don’t lock you in

We do not have any minimum subscription periods. 

You can sign up for only one month and, if within 14 days you see it is not the right product for you, just send us a quick mail (no reason necessary) and we will give you a full refund. 

The sign-up process is quick and easy and can be found here: Quant Investing sign up here


Here is more information

We have put together a series of short video presentations of our best ideas below. It is not an Oscar material but it gets the job done:

Quant Investing screener introduction

How to screen and find net net (net-net) investment ideas 

How to implement the 3 best investment strategies we have tested 

How we select investment ideas for the Quant Value newsletter

How to increase your returns on average 210.6% (max 363.0%) – Piotroski F-Score


PS Why not sign up now while it is still fresh in your mind.

PPS Don't hesitate, you can cancel at any time for a FULL refund if you are not happy.


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