Find companies that EXACTLY fit your investment strategy

Our screener database is structured in a way that it allows you to search for investment ideas using just about any investment strategy you can think of.

Whether you are a:

  • Growth,
  • Value,
  • Short term momentum,
  • Smart Beta
  • Net Net or
  • Dividend investor

we have just what you need !


What makes this screener different?

What makes this screener different or better than the one I already use, you may be thinking.


Four filters !

The first thing you will notice when you use the screener are the four filters (or funnels) that look like this:
Click image to enlarge

You simply select up to four ratios and then use the range slider to choose the range of companies you want to include (in 10% increments).


How the filters work ?

The image below gives you an example of how easy it is to screen using four filters (or funnels):

Click image to enlarge


Here you can see screenshots of the screener: Screener screenshots

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This video gives shows you how to set up a simple screen on the Quant Investing screener: 


What do investors like you say?

Before I tell you more about the screener here is what investors just like you say about the screener.


















Companies you can screen for - more than 22 000

Companies registered in the following countries are included in the screener:


Click image to enlarge Full list of countries included in the screener

The screener currently contains fundamental data on all the companies listed on all the developed stock markets worldwide, more than 22,000 companies in total.

Also not just large companies are included but all companies, right down to the smallest market value companies.

We invest our own money using the screener, and just like you, we want to be able to search the largest possible number of companies (incl. smallest) to find ideas that fit with the strategy you would like to implement.

More specifically the screener database currently includes all companies traded on the following markets:


All the major markets including, Switzerland, Scandinavia, the UK (incl. AIM companies)

North America:

The USA, Canada


Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia


More than 110 Ratios and indicators you can use

On the Glossary page you can have a look at all the ratios and indicators you can use to find investment ideas.  


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Strategies you can use right away

In the screener you can find a number of well known (tested) investment strategies you can use immediately to get investment ideas.

For example:

And many more…


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Cost less than a lunch for two

All this costs less than an inexpensive lunch for two each month


How does it work?

To find out just how easy it is to use the screener take a look at the two quick start guides below (simply click on the two links below):

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