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Screener & Newsletter

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All the benefits of the screener and the newsletter

Benefit three


49 page Research report:

What Works on European Markets: The best Performing Investment Strategies

Value €9.00

Benefit four


26 page eBook: Automate Your Investment Life

Shows you step-by-step how to:

  • Sort and organise  your  research so you can easily and quickly find the information you need
  • Get updated news on all the companies you choose to follow without you having to search for it 
  • Automatically update the share prices of your portfolio

Value €29.70

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No questions askedcancel anytime & 100 % money back guarantee

What you get:

Screener: €39.70


Newsletter: €29.70

Total: €69.40

For Only: €49.70  (You save 28%)


What Works on European Markets  – Value €9.00


Automate Your Investment Life – Value €29.70