Screener screenshots:

Here are a few screenshots of the screener to give you an idea of how easy it is to use.


When you start

This is what the search filter page looks like.

As you can see there are four sliders you can use to quickly screen for exactly the type of companies you are looking for.


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More than 110 ratios and indicators

The screenshot below shows one of the more than 110 ratios or indicators you can screen with. By moving the slider (below) you can use to limit the results of the selected ratio or indicator.

For example 0% to 10% will only select the top 10% (highest earning yield) of companies in of the more than 22 000 companies in the database.


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Select the countries

Here you can see what the country selector looks like.


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Select your currency

This image shows you where you can select the currency that is applied to the Daily Trading Volume and Market Value fields.

For example in the image below only companies will be shown that:

  • Has a Daily Trading Volume of at least $125 000 per day, AND

  • Has a Market Value of at least $65 million



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Choose industry sectors

This screenshot shows how you can only include the industry sectors you would like to select companies from.


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How recent must the results be?

This image shows how you can make sure that only the most recent company financial results are used in your screens.


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Results for a single company

You can use the Security search block shown below to get financial information on individual companies.

For example the Piotroski F-Score, Earnings Yield or James Montier C-Score (you can specify your own individual output)


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Choose the columns you want to see

This screenshot shows you one pages (you have a total of six) you have to select columns you want to see from the output generated by the screener.


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Export your screener output

The following image shows how you can export the results of any screen for further analysis in Microsoft Excel for example.


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Save and load all your favourite screens – incl. columns

By clicking on My Templates you can save and load all your favourite screens, also the columns you select for each screen will also be saved.


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Pre-defined screens you can use immediately

We have also saved well-known as well as screens with really good results which you can start using immediately. 

Below is part of the pre-defined screens we have put together for you.


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Glossary always at hand

By clicking on the Online Glossary button shown below you can quickly and easily find the exact definition of all the ratios and indicators you can use in the screener.



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