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Track Record

Last updated: 31 December 2022



The newsletter's over 12 year track record (Started in July 2010)

This is the performance of all the ideas in the Quant Value newsletter since we recommended the first company 12.5 years ago in July 2010.

Quant Value summary performance of all investment ideas

- Loss of 86.1% occurred in before the Stop Loss system was implemented
- Returns are calculated as price change plus dividends in the currency of the company's main listing.
- Includes returns of Crash portfolios



Performance by country

This is where companies were recommended and how they performed:

Quant Value Newsletter performance 2022 by country

Where ideas were recommended and average return



How far the winners beat the losers - Over 3 to 1

Quant Value Newsletter performance 2022 winners beating losers

3 times more winners over 20% than losers


As you can see the positive returns FAR outnumber negative returns. For example, returns of more than 20% is 3.2 (196/61) times higher than 20% losses.

This is because of three things:

  • A great time-tested investment strategy
  • The strict stop loss system
  • Stop buying when markets fall


Dividend income

Even though we do not look at dividend yield when choosing ideas, an attractive dividend is an added bonus when you buy undervalued companies.

You thus get paid to wait as stock prices increase.

Quant Value Newsletter performance 2022 dividends

Average divided return of all ideas



Distribution of returns

You know investing works best when you cut your losses fast and let your winners run.

This is how successful the newsletter has been at doing this.

The following two charts show you that 61%, just under two third of all ideas, would have given you a positive return, with the highest return of 315.5% (the second highest was +269.2%).

Click image to enlarge


The stop-loss system works!

And the stop loss system works.

Since March 2015, when it was implemented, only 10 of the 492 (2.0%) ideas lost more than 30%.

This happened because of large sudden price drops, for example, after a profit warning, legal action, stock suspension or fraud announcement.

The stop loss system lets you avoid the left-hand side returns (losses in the chart above).


This is very important because:

  • Firstly, you feel comfortable investing in companies you do not know. It is easier to get in if you know you can get out.
  • Secondly, you avoid the emotional pain of a large losses. This helps you stick to the investment strategy.



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