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Track Record

Last updated: 31 December 2021


Performance of all the investment ideas recommended in 2021

This is how all the ideas recommended till the end of June 2021 has performed:

Quant Value newsletter track record 2021-12-31


The newsletter's 11.5 year track record (Started in July 2010)

This is the performance of all the ideas in the Quant Value newsletter since we recommended the first company 11.5 years ago in July 2010.

Quant Value investment newsletter performance 2021


Quant Value investment newsletter performance 2021


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Over 63% of ideas gave solid positive returns

What this chart shows you is that 63%, nearly two third of all ideas, would have given you a positive return, with the highest return of 315.5%.


The stop-loss system works!

And the stop loss system works. Since 3 March 2015 when it was implemented only 9 of the 267 (3.4%) ideas recommended since then lost more than 30%.

This happened because of large sudden price drops. For example, after a severe profit warning, stock suspension or fraud announcement.

So the newsletter gives you great returns, while at the same time keep your losses low.


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All the investment that have been sold

The following three documents show you detailed returns of all the recommended investments that have been sold:

Quant Value Newsletter - North America Ideas Sold

Quant Value Newsletter - Asia Ideas Sold

Quant Value Newsletter - European Ideas Sold

Quant Value Newsletter - Corona Crash Ideas Sold