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Get all the benefits of 30 years of investment experience in an hour – investment coaching


Dear Fellow Investor

It started when my phone rang and a new subscriber asked for training on how to use the screener.

This may not sound unusual but it was as my phone hardly ever rings (I get lots of email). And this subscriber lived about an hour away, making him one of our few customers in Hamburg.


He needed a LOT more help than he thought

After a few questions it became clear that he needed a lot more help than me showing him how the screener worked.

He needed help to find a complete investment system that fit his individual needs

It was not a service I ever thought of offering but I decided to give it a try, so I said yes.


From novice to an investor with a clear plan

In two hours he went from being unsure and having no direction to having a clear idea of where he wanted to go. He also knew the exact steps he had to take to get him there.

He learned a lot and I found it interesting, rewarding and fun.


What has this got to do with me?

What has this whole story got to do with me you may be thinking? 

Perhaps you need help to develop and improve your investment system.


This is what investors just like you say

Before I go on here is what investors like you have to say:


"I invest my own money using the Screener and recently booked a coaching call with Tim.

Without sounding too promotional it was just the kind of service I needed to test and discuss my ideas.

I can only recommend you to use it as well. One piece of advice can save you a significant amount compared to the small fee Tim is charging.“

Peter, Germany


"As an investor, I didn't get much help from my traditional bank to develop my mental framework to independently set up and evaluate investment strategies. I found the consulting session with Tim very effective for several reasons.

First of all, Tim carefully prepared the session, and the discussion was very much tailored to my questions.

Next to that, working with the back-testing function of the stock screener was enlightening, both to prepare the call from my side and to validate my understanding afterwards.

The combination of the consulting session and back-testing really helped me nail down where my investment thought processes and decisions were sub-optimal or even flawed.

For me, the subscription and the consulting session earned itself back in no time at all."

Dirk, France


Why coaching? Can it help me?

Can coaching help me?

A lot of research has shown that if you add feedback to your life it helps you improve. 

For example, if you want to improve at work – get a coach. If you want to fix that slice - get a swing coach, want to become a better surgeon - get a coach. The thing is, when we do things ourselves our discipline falls away and we stop learning and growing. 

But investing has another problem. Because money is such a sensitive or even taboo subject we often try to do everything on our own. 

And that is bad because markets are competitive and you need an advantage to give you the best returns. After all you have worked hard for your money so it makes sense to invest it in the best possible way.  


One-on-one coaching is your advantage

One-on-one investment coaching gives you an advantage.

You are coached over the phone, at your own pace when you have time. You get the support of an experienced investor at your side. 

This makes you a better investor.


"Tim, thank you so much for coaching me and my business partner. As you know we manage a great deal of other people's money and it is extremely important to us that we get this right! 

Talking to you about our process helped us solidify our security selection, buy discipline, position sizing, and asset allocation.  You did it all! 

Thanks again and have a great year!"

Joshua, USA

Before I go on, only 3 hours per week, price may increase

Before I tell you more about how I can help you. I don’t have a lot of time. But I have managed to free up about three hours per week. 

Remember I also invest my own money. 


Back to your investment system...


What is an investment system?

What is an investment system you may be thinking?

It is a clear idea of how you think about investing and has the following steps.


Step 1 – Find your strategy

This is not the strategy with the highest return. But the strategy that you feel comfortable with and fits your personality. It lets you sleep well every night.

For example, do you feel more comfortable investing in fast growing or under-valued companies?

Are you more of a focused investor – investing only in a few companies? Or do you feel more comfortable if each investment only makes up a small part of your portfolio? 

If you need help with day trading I cannot help you. All my experience is with long term investing. 


Step 2 – Build the framework

Once you've decided on your investment strategy the next steps must be put in place.

Set up your own rules for:

  • What countries you would like to invest in, 
  • How much currency risk you are willing to take 
  • What type of companies you are going to invest in
  • How much are you going to invest in each company
  • How you are going to manage risk


Step 3 - The implementation

Once you have made all these decisions I help you make a clear plan to implement your investment strategy.

This means what to do:

  • Tomorrow
  • Next week 
  • Next month 
  • Next year

until you retire and what to do after that.


You will know exactly what to do

Once you have implemented your investment system you will:

  • Never look for investment idea again – you will most likely have too many
  • Know exactly how to get your orders executed – even for microcap companies
  • Know what to do when markets start falling – Sell, buy, hold
  • Know what to do if an individual stock starts falling
  • Know when and how to re-balance your portfolio – change investments in your portfolio
  • Know when and what to do to keep your taxes as low as possible
  • Manage currency risk in your portfolio
  • Have no interested in a shiny stock tip – know exactly what to do with it, if anything at all
  • Never go to investment conferences looking for ideas. Only to meet like-minded people and perhaps find something to improve your investment system


“Tim prepared thorough responses to our quite long list of questions, with practical advice and an effective framework for initiating our international investments. He was very professional. We felt this was really good value and timely to our needs. We hope to check in with him later when we need further help with our family fund.”

Mark, Australia


Why should you listen to me?

Can I trust Tim? Can he even teach me anything? 

That is a good question for which there is a simple answer. I have made about every investment mistake you can make and I have learned a lot. 

Since I started investing in 1987 I have made every investment mistake you can think of. If I missed one it was pure luck. 

I became a better investor when I realised that there must be a lot of good research and books about what has worked. Not in the short term but over long periods of time in up and down markets.

Since then I have done exactly that. Reading and studying every article, research paper and book I could find to help me become a better investor.


Don’t make the same mistakes I made

This is something I still do and that is where you benefit. To not make the expensive mistakes I have made and profit from the research I do all the time.

But I did not try to learn all about investment on my own. 

Before starting Quant Investing I spent more than 16 years working in banking and fund management in South Africa and Germany.


Your questions and objections

If I were to guess the top 10 questions or objections you may have about coaching they are:     

Will I get value for my money?

Think about it this way – what would you pay to learn a skill you can use over decades. Even in retirement, to continue growing your money. 

This is something priceless.

Would your money not be more than well spent - if you get complete answers to the above list of questions?

What if I am unhappy with the service?

My investment coaching program comes with a 14 day 100% money back guarantee if you are unhappy. 

Will I learn something?

In the coaching calls and emails I teach you everything I learned in more than 30 years of investing my own money. 

This means you get the benefit of over 30 years of investing experience. How to avoid the mistakes, what worked and what not to earn great long term returns in the stock market. 

Is it going to be practical advice I can use?

You will learn what I have learned in my over 30 years of investing my own money on a daily basis. It cannot get more practical than that. 

What if I need a bit more help?

That is no problem at all, we simply schedule extra calls. 

What if I need help between calls?

Between calls you can send me questions by email to solve small problems. 

Will you be giving me individual advice of exactly what companies to buy?

No, due to regulatory reasons here in Germany, I am not allowed to do that. 

But what I will do is help you design and put in place an investment strategy you feel comfortable with. 

This is a lot more valuable as I teach you how to fish, not give you a few fish to eat.


No risk to get started

As I said you have no risk when you try investment coaching. 

Before you pay anything you send me an email of what you need help with and I will let you know if I can help you. 

I also never try to tie you down. There are no up-front fees - you only pay for the coaching call.

And as with all our products, my investment coaching comes with a 14 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with it. You do not even have to give me a reason - you can just say I want a refund.  


What does it cost?

Coaching calls cost €200 per hour.

You are of course free to choose what you need help with but I suggest we talk with the following:

  • Your investment strategy
  • The exact steps to implement is
  • Risk management tools
  • Are you are taking regular action to implement your investment strategy.


How do I start?

Want to give investment coaching a try?

If yes just send me an email at [email protected]

Subject: Investment coaching



Think of it this way - you get back 100 times your investment

Think of the benefit from coaching this way.

If I can stop you from only making only one small €200 / $200 investment mistake the coaching would have already paid for itself. 

But remember you are going to be investing over decades. And with your capital growing all the time, think of how much you will profit if you become a better investor. It can be 100 times or more of the investment you made in coaching.


Only 3 clients at a time so don’t hesitate

This may sound like a marketing trick to get you to sign up now but it’s not. As I have said my time is limited and I want to make sure I give you the most value. To do this I have made three hours a week available for coaching. 

To avoid you getting on a waiting list and paying more in future sign up now by sending me an email.


A million dollar skill that does not cost much

Remember, investing is a million dollar skill that doesn’t cost a million dollars.

Learn from my more than 30 years of mistakes so you don’t make the same mistakes. 


Your investment coach wishing you profitable investing



Tim du Toit

PS It is this easy to get started - send me a short email explaining what you need help with at [email protected]

PPS It’s so easy to get distracted, why not send me a short email right now!