About the Quαnt Value Investment Newsletter

The Quαnt Value newsletter is the newsletter for you if you want to get market beating investment ideas, but don’t have the time to spend hour’s searching for investment ideas and analysing companies.


Four market beating ideas each month

Every month Quαnt Value alerts you to four of the most undervalued companies in Europe, the UK, Asia and the USA that have the best chance of substantially outperforming the market in the next year.

We get the investment ideas through the best investment strategies we have developed and back tests we do on a continuous basis.


Highest returns in the least amount of time (half an hour per month)

This saves you time and allows you to quickly build up a diversified, high performance, undervalued portfolio.

All you need to do is to log into your brokerage account and follow the clear instructions in the newsletter (they are all on the first page).

Managing your own successful portfolio won’t take you more than half an hour per month.


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Model portfolios, Europe and North America

When you subscribe you immediately gain access to three model portfolios.

The first portfolio only has European companies (incl. Switzerland, Scandinavia and the UK), the second only contains North American companies and the third portfolio ideas in Asia.


What do other investors like you say?

Before I tell you more about the newsletter here is what investors just like you say about the newsletter.


“As a long term value investor, I have found the ideal newsletter.

As investor in European Markets, the newsletter Quant-Value has helped me to add new successful investments in my own portfolio.On the other hand I have managed to improve my own selection of investments and increase the profitability of the entire portfolio.”

Pedro, Spain


“If I had to go to that famous desert island....this is the investment newsletter I would decide to receive. Dedication time is close to zero, results are the best you can get.”

Mauro, Italy


“The Quant Value newsletter has helped me find interesting and profitable investments ideas I would otherwise never have found.”

Luc, Belgium


"Thanks to the Quant Value newsletter my returns over the past 4 years have comfortably beaten the market."

Ulf, Germany


“The Quant Value Newsletter has offered me valuable investment opportunities that I would have otherwise, not being able to source due to daily time constraints.

Thanks to Quant Value, I can make qualified and researched investment decisions at the click of a button. The newsletter has given me the tools to also do my own research in enhancing my portfolio's performance.”

Bennie, South Africa


“The Quant Value newsletter regularly finds me a selection of sound, profitable companies in which to invest. It also advises me when to sell if those companies no longer meet its investment criteria.

I have tried a number of investment newsletters, but have yet to find another as good as Quant Value.”

Daniel, UK


"I’ve found the newsletter a really valuable tool in my investment process."

Pasi Havia, HCP Quant Portfolio Manager, Helsinki Capital Partners


"I am a private stock investor for more than 25 years. Nearly every day I was digging in balance sheets, investor reports, newsletters and surfing the internet.

However since February 2012 I have been following the European stock ideas of the monthly Quant Value newsletter. After 12 months and 12 x 2 stock buys, the evaluation in March 2013 was extremely amazing with the internal rate of return 33.1%! And clearly this result with less risk than my previous transactions. "

Guido, Private investor, Belgium



We won’t waste your time

Quαnt Value won’t waste your time telling you about stocks you should not buy or what the market has done. All our effort goes into researching and selecting stocks from our market beating model which we have developed over 15 years of extensive testing and investing in the real world.


Don’t take our word for it

We of course do not expect you to just take our word that the model we use to select investments works.

QuanInv-3D_350x344When you subscribe you receive a free copy of the book we wrote on which our investment model is based called Quantitative Value Investing in Europe: What Works for Achieving Alpha.  


1157.5% over 12 years

In the book you will see the 168 investment strategies we exhaustively tested to find the best strategy that returned 1157.5% over 12 years.

Our Quαnt Value investment model is based on this strategy, the top 10 strategies which on average returned 881% over 12 years, as well as research we do all the time.

Outstanding results I am sure you will agree.


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Also works in the real world

These are not just theoretical returns. As you can see below subscribers have made good profits from the newsletter’s outstanding (real world) track record.

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Nearly seven years already

We have been publishing the newsletter for nearly seven years and the results have been impressive.

Here are a few of the best returns you could have earned so far:

  • Pandora A/S   +173.1%
  • Reply SPA   +269.2% 
  • MGI Coutier SA   +239.1%
  • Montupet SA   +315.5%
  • Linedata          +157.1%
  • Delclima        +92.4%
  • Dart Group     +84.1%


We are not always right

There were of course a few ideas that have not done as well (you know that you cannot win them all) but they have been in the minority.

And the losses were kept low due to the very strict 20% trailing stop-loss strategy the newsletter follows. As soon as a share price declines more than 20% from its high it is sold - no questions asked.


Maximum of 400 subscribers

Because the newsletter also recommends smaller companies (research has shown they give you higher returns) the total number of subscribers is limited to 400 to ensure that you can invest without moving the recommended company’s share price.

This means as soon as 400 investors have signed up new subscribers will only be accepted when an existing subscriber leaves.

Do not wait long before subscribing because the newsletter may be closed to new subscribers at any time.


Only thing left for you to do

We have showed you exactly why and how the Quαnt Value newsletter outperforms the market, the only thing you have to do to get these market beating ideas in your portfolio is to take a few minutes and subscribe.

It costs less than an inexpensive lunch for two and if you do not like it you get all your money back.

Why not sign up right now while it’s still fresh in your mind.


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