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Do you want market beating investment ideas but don’t want to spend hours or days searching and analysing companies?

Then the Quant Value newsletter is the newsletter you have been looking for.


6 market beating ideas each month

Every month we send you to up to six investment ideas of the most undervalued companies in Europe (incl. Switzerland, Scandinavia and the UK), Asia and North America that have the best chance of substantially outperforming the market.

We get these ideas from the best investment strategies we have developed, and back tests we do on a continuous basis – but more on that later. 


Why up to 6 ideas?

Why do we say “up to 6 ideas” you may be thinking?

We will only recommend a company if we think it has a very high chance of giving you a great market beating return. 

If we cannot find six investment ideas that can do this for you we recommend less. The reason is simple we want to give you great returns not recommend a lot of companies. 

We would rather lose you as a subscriber than recommend bad ideas. 


Highest returns in the least amount of time (half an hour per month)

The newsletter saves you time and helps you to quickly build up a diversified, high performance, undervalued investment portfolio. 

All you need to do is log into your brokerage account (or call your broker) and follow the easy to understand instructions in the newsletter (they are all on the first page). 

This means managing your own very successful portfolio won’t take you more than half an hour per month.

newsletter buy and sell

Front page Buy and Sell recommendations - example

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Model portfolio, Europe and North America

When you subscribe you immediately get access to model portfolio that gives you investment ideas from the following world regions:

  1. Europe - companies from Europe (incl. Switzerland, Scandinavia and the UK)
  2. North America - companies from Canada and the USA
  3. Asia - companies from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore

This means you can immediately start building your own high return portfolio.


What do other investors just like you say?

Before I tell you more about the newsletter this is what investors just like you say about the newsletter.















We won’t waste your time

The newsletter won’t waste your time telling you what the market has done, or what it is going to do - nobody knows that. 

All our work goes into finding and researching companies using the market beating investment model we have developed over more than 17 years of extensive testing and investing in the real world.


Don’t take our word for it

We of course do not expect you to just take our word that the model we use to select investments works.

WhatWorks-3D_300px_wideWhen you subscribe you get a free copy of the book we wrote on which the newsletter’s investment model is based called “What Works on European Markets – The Best Performing Investment Strategies”.   

The title is dull but what we found with the research was exciting.


1157.5% over 12 years

In the book you will see the 168 investment strategies we tested to find the best strategy that returned 1157.5% over 12 years. 

The investment model is based on this and the top 10 strategies (average return 881% over 12 years), as well as new research we do all the time.

The reason the investment model uses a number of strategies is because no one strategy beats the market all the time. This gives your portfolio a high probability of giving you high returns all the time.

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Also works in the real world

The model is of course not only based on back tested theoretical returns. As you can see below subscribers have made good profits from the newsletter’s great (real world) track record.

Here is a summary of the newsletter's returns:

1 Quant Value newsletter track record 2020-12-31

Average return of all recommendations (up till 31 December 2020)

Over 65% of ideas gave solid positive returns

The next chart shows you is that 65%, a lot more than half of all ideas would have given you a positive return, with the highest return of over 300%.

The stop-loss system REALLY works

And the stop loss system the newsletter strictly follows works. Because only 9 or 2% of ideas lost more than 30%, with 6 of these losses occurring before the stop loss system was implemented in March 2015.

4 Quant Value newsletter track record 2020-12-31

Click to enlarge

Results have been great

As you can see results have been impressive.

Here are a few of the best returns you could have earned:

  • Pandora A/S   +173.1%
  • Reply SPA   +269.2% 
  • MGI Coutier SA   +239.1%
  • Montupet SA   +315.5%
  • Linedata          +157.1%
  • Delclima        +92.4%
  • Dart Group     +84.1%
  • CropEnergies   +75.9%
  • Groupe Crit     +75.2%
  • Assystem      +82.7%


We are of course not always right

As you have seen there were a few ideas that have not done as well (you know that you cannot win them all) but they have been in the minority.

No questions asked stop loss strategy.

This is because losses are kept low by the very strict 20% trailing stop-loss strategy the newsletter follows. 

As soon as a price declines more than 20% from its high it is sold - no questions asked.

Stop buying if the markets are falling

You also avoid losses because we stop buying when markets are falling. This may sound like a simple idea but hardly anyone does this.


This is exactly how it works

I am sure when you invest your hard-earned money in ideas from the newsletter you want to know exactly how it is done. 

I would if I were in your shoes. 

That is exactly what the following two flow charts show you.





Maximum of 400 subscribers

Because the newsletter also recommends smaller companies (research has proven they give you the highest returns) the total number of subscribers is limited to 400

We do this to make sure you can buy and sell easily and without moving the company’s share price. 

This means as soon as 400 investors have signed up new subscribers will only be accepted when an existing subscriber leaves. 

So do not hesitate to sign up right now as the newsletter may be closed to new subscribers at any time.


Only thing left for you to do


We have showed you exactly why and how the Quant Value newsletter outperforms the market, the only thing you have to do to get these market beating ideas working in your portfolio is to take a few minutes and subscribe.

It costs less than an inexpensive lunch for two and if you do not like it you get all your money back – no questions asked.


Wishing you profitable investing


Tim du Tout

PS Why not sign up right now while it’s still fresh in your mind.


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