Shareholder Yield (Mebane Faber)

Shareholder Yield (Mebane Faber)

Shareholder yield (Mebane Faber ) is the sum of the following:

Dividend yield +

Percentage of Shares Repurchased +

Net debt repaid yield

Net Debt Repaid Yield = Change in total debt / Market Value of the company)


It adds another ratio to Shareholder yield

The Mebane Faber shareholder yield thus adds net debt repaid to the normal Shareholder Yield (see other definition).


It can also be negative

Note that the Shareholder Yield can also be negative. This can happen as Percentage of Shares Repurchased and Net debt repaid yield can be negative if shares are issued and or debt increases.


How to use the ratio

The larger the value the better - or the more cash the company returned to debt and shareholders.

Available as a screening ratio: Yes - the ratio is called Shareholder Yield (MB)

Available as an output column ratio: Yes - Look in the Valuation tab


How to select companies with the best momentum

To find companies with the best Shareholder Yield (Mebane Faber) set the slider from 0% to 10%.

To find companies with the worse Shareholder Yield (Mebane Faber) set the slider from 90% to 100%.


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