Quant Investing affiliate program


With this program you earn money recommending the screener and newsletter.

Please send us this

After you have signed up for our affiliate program please send me a short email with the following information.

This will help us to quickly approve your application so you can start earning money immediately.


Short answers are best

Simply cut and paste the questions below into our contact page and fill in the answers. No long answers please as we just want to get an idea of how you want to sell our products.


The questions

  1. What business are you in (we like related businesses as they will give you the best sales)?
  2. How will you be selling our products?
  3. On what website(s) will you advertise our products? 
  4. What other products do you sell?
  5. Are they similar to our products?


1. How can you make money with the Quant Investing affiliate program?

Quant Investing offers a paid screener and newsletter subscriptions.


With the screener subscribers have access to an investment screener with more than 82 ratios and indicators they can use to screen more than 23,000 companies listed on the main stock markets worldwide.

You can find more information here: Quant Investing screener


Each month the Quαnt Value newsletter sends subscribers four of the most undervalued companies in Europe, the UK and North America that have the best chance of substantially outperforming the market in the next year.

The investment ideas are selected using the best screens we have developed and back tested.

More information can be found here: Quant Investing newsletter

Prices – you earn 25% for life

Current subscription prices vary from monthly €29.70 to yearly €549.70.

Through the affiliate program you earn 25% of the subscription price (minus VAT) for as long as the client you have referred remains a subscriber, this can be over many years.

You earn €75 to €125 per year

For example, if a user subscribes to the lowest price product of €29.70 you will earn €75 (€29.70-19% VAT x 12 x 25%) per year for as many years as he or she remains a subscriber.

If the subscriber buys the most expensive product you will earn €125.29 per year for as long as he or she remains a subscriber.


2. How to start the Program

To begin you have to apply for the program which is very quick and easy (takes less than 5 minutes).

To sign up click the following link: Quant Investing affiliate program sign up


3. Where do you get affiliate links?

As soon as you have registered you get a quick start guide that will show you how to add the affiliate links to your website or emails.

When a visitor clicks on the link, and gets taken to, a cookie will be placed on the visitor’s computer. If the visitor signs up for a subscription and pays, you will start to earn commissions from the subscription.

We will set the lifetime of the cookie to 60 days, so you will get a commission if any time within the next two months the visitor becomes a paying subscriber.


4. Where can you use the affiliate links?

You can use the affiliate links anywhere you like, such as your website, emails etc.


5. When Are the Affiliates Paid?

All affiliate commissions are paid on a monthly basis. Please allow 5-10 business days (allowing for weekends and holidays) for your payment to reach you.

You must have earned an amount of more than €50 to receive a payment.


6. How can you contact us?

You can send us a message at any time from our contact page: Quant Investing contact page


Banner Examples

Here are some of the banners you can add to your website - please ask us if you need something different.




Screen the market728x90